[Samba] sambaDomainName=HOST i.s.o. ...=DOMAIN

Frank Meisschaert Frank.Meisschaert at UGent.be
Thu May 10 13:41:06 GMT 2007


I'm trying to setup a standalone samba server named "alta" in a 
workgroup named "TDOM". So I put

   workgroup = TDOM

in the 'smb.conf' file. The netbios name of the machine defaults to 
'ALTA' so no netbios name paramater is needed (I assume).

I've put the user and group accounts in an ldapsam backend and I also 
created a sambaDomainName=TDOM,... . The user and groups have sid's in 
that domain (sid = <TDOM-sid>-rid).

Now when I start the samba server it creates an extra entry 
sambaDomainName=ALTA in de ldapsam backend, and no user can login 
because the domain doesn't match. I suspect some idmap parameters could 
be used to allow users to login, but the main problem is:

1. Why is a sambaDomainName=ALTA entry created while I specified a 
workgroup of TDOM?
2. How do I avoid it? (if appropriate)

Some background information: I use samba-3.0.24 on debian/etch with an 
openldap-2.3.32 backend. Eventually I want to setup a domain using a 
samba PDC and BDC's, but with understanding the process in order to 
obtain a robust setup.

kind regards,
Frank Meisschaert

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