[Samba] Data missing in samba shares

Rahul rahulsahadev at gmail.com
Wed May 9 05:37:58 GMT 2007

Hi List,
     We have a Samba Server in which we have nearly 64 shares of nearly 1 TB
data. Last week we took a downtime of nearly 5 hours for this samba server.
After that when we boot the server and access the shares from the windows
host. To my surprise i found that some 8-10 shares are not having any
contents at all. Those shares are completely blank without even a single
file. Is it a problem that shares are not mounted properly or it has
something to deal with Samba.
We are using windows XP professional as the client OS and the samba version
is 3.0.x.

Please help to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.


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