[Samba] Too many open files error. Help!!!

Gary MacKay gary at edisoninfo.com
Tue May 8 16:06:16 GMT 2007

have a 3.0.24 system running on CentOS 4.4 with all the latest patches 
and upgrades. However this problem started several samba versions ago 
and upgrading up to 3.0.24 has not helped. I have Googled for hours and 
found lots of the same request to absolutely no responses or help. 
Please, if anyone can shed some light on this???

The system is setup as the PDC and sharing the typical home, public, 
sys, folders. I am using tdbsam backend. Login scripts map the drives 
for each user when they login. There are only 25 workstations. Mostly XP 
Pro, 4 or 5 Win2k boxes and I believe 1 Win98 box left. There is also a 
Windows 2K server that is just a domain member server running MS SQL. 
That is all.

Everything runs fine for awhile (sometimes weeks, and sometimes only a 
day or two) and then all of a sudden, nobody can connect. They can all 
login fine, but can not access any of the shares. The error messages in 
the /var/log/samba/xxxx.log files all show "too many files open". I just 
log everyone out, stop and start samba, and everyone logs back in just 
fine. I do not even have to reboot the box. Tho I have tried that and it 
made to difference in how long it lasts before breaking again.

- Gary

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