R: R: R: [Samba] Winbind configuration

Petteri Hakkarainen phakkarainen at myrealbox.com
Tue May 8 13:01:43 GMT 2007

I'm not quite sure what will be configured on the workstation
and what on the samba server side, in such is even needed.
Please clarify a bit:-)

If I want authentication and using shares (file and print) in 
Windows box. Linuxes would be pure clients to Windows, not
sharing any disks or printers through SMB.

>> So there is no need for a samba server to be added as a domain member
>> server? Isn't binding a station to a domain and id mapping done by the
>> samba server?

>The join is done by the net join utility and id mapping is done by

Will there be any configuration for these ids or will winbind do
it automatically? Is the configura

>Please have a look at Bug 3062 at bugzilla.samba.org there is also a nice howto in this entry.

There was no such bug as I searched with the bug number for 
all bugs in all states.

>Of course if you want to authenticate... you must bind the unix station/server to the domain, or the unix will not >be able to comunicate with ActiveDirectory authority and get confirmation of user identity (username and password)
>But if you just want authentication you do not need to share directories, or mount windows directory on the unix >station the winbindDaemon (winbindd) will do the authentication job. and I like a lot the PAM modules...

For authentication and using Windows shares, all my boxes (server and workstations) will need 
to be joined to domain (to be able to use the machine accounts), right? Do I still need a samba server 
to be a domain controller for the domain or is it enough to just use the Windows box for this purpose? 


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