[Samba] Countless "rec_read bad magic" lines in log.smbd

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Mon May 7 18:33:33 GMT 2007

One of the servers we admin has countless such errors in log.smbd:

[2007/05/07 14:17:08, 0] tdb/tdbutil.c:tdb_log(783)
   tdb(/var/cache/samba/printing/HPLJ3600.tdb): rec_read bad magic 0x443810ec at offset=28412

The only thread I saw regarding "rec_read" stated:

If this really happens often to you, then you have some
basic problems with your setup. Either your hardware is
flaky or your smbd processes tend to crash. If you happen to
use reiserfs for /var/cache/samba you might try to change
that fs to ext3.


On this server, all partitions are XFS.

This is the only printer at this particular site. It is attached to the LAN via an integrated JetDirect interface. Samba talks to CUPS, and from CUPS to the printer.

So, should I suspect the LAN patch cord?

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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