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Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Mon May 7 17:58:43 GMT 2007

On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 01:36:26PM -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
> "I" don't file bugs on samba because it's all over my head. I'm not a
> developer.

Just to assure you: "Over my head" is just a false
assumption. We might ask you to provide log files and
network traces, and we might ask you to update to current
software, but not reporting a bug because you believe it is
"Over my head" is just wrong. If we don't provide enough
info to enable you to send us sufficient info, then it's our
fault, not yours.

> Waiting on Steve French seems to be something that once started seems never
> to end. If anything deserves a rant, it should be about virtually total
> dependance of a component on one person whose work stays in a private tree
> for weeks or more on end (which is my limited and possibly broken
> understanding of the state of the relationship between CIFS and SF).

The only way around this is to raise this issue on the
mailing lists, as you did hear. Steve might not be directly
subscribed, but there are enough people around who have
regular personal contact to really bug him if something is
severely broken.

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