[Samba] smbmount

John G Walker johngwalker at tiscali.co.uk
Mon May 7 16:57:29 GMT 2007

On Mon, 07 May 2007 11:27:44 -0400 Felix Miata <mrmazda at ij.net> wrote:

> This isn't directly related, but I think it's indirectly related in a
> major way. W98 is so horribly insecure that developers don't want to
> mess with it, which means testing CIFS with it is a logistical
> problem. The implication here is people still using W98 should find a
> way to not use it any more, either upgrading to a newer version of
> doz if possible, or replacing W98 with Linux, and using W98 in a
> virtual machine if necessary if not using W98 is not an option.

But if I can't migrate, then how the hell can I replace W98?

This seems to me to be very American-style thinking: if you imagine
something will be the case, then it will be the case. The world doesn't
work like that. I have a W98 machine that I need to share files with
other machines on the network, and no amount of wishful thinking will
change that.

> >> but if you can't get
> >> cifs to work right, you can recompile the kernel to enable smbfs. I
> >> don't remember exactly the details of getting smbmount back, so I
> >> asked on freenode   
> > Thanks very much. This is over and above the call of duty and well
> > appreciated.  
> Not sure what you mean

I mean that I appreciate your effort on my behalf. I don't know how I
could have said that plainer. So thanks again,

 All the best,

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