[Samba] Two PDC in one Network (NT4 + Samba 3)

Cristian Livadaru cristian at livadaru.net
Mon May 7 16:05:35 GMT 2007

I have installed a Samba 3 server to run as PDC in parallel with the  
old NT4 server.
They both use different Domain names and netbios names.
the NT server uses NT-SERVER as netbios name and INTERFACE as workgroup.
The new Samba server uses IFDOMAIN both as workgroup and netbios name.
When I try a smbclient -L //IFDOMAIN/ it's not working

read_socket_with_timeout: timeout read. read error = Connection reset  
by peer.
protocol negotiation failed

when I turn the NT server off and try it again, then it works.
I don't quite understand why since they shouldn't have any problems  
because of the differing names but unfortunately it seems that it  
does bother somehow.

Is there a way to have the old NT server also running until all users  
are moved to the new server?

Regards, Cristian Livadaru

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