[Samba] SAMBA Problem - Users take ownership

Travis Bullock tbullock at avmax.ca
Mon May 7 15:25:37 GMT 2007

OK. I did an upgrade on this server to FC6 so the new options will be available to me. 

The "inherit owner" option seems to do the trick in keeping users from taking ownership.

Only one problem left:

When I open, edit and change a file it is changing the file permissions from:




Not sure why. Any ideas?

Travis Bullock
Systems Administrator
Avmax Group Inc.

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On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 02:08:50PM -0600, Travis Bullock wrote:
> Can anyone help me with this? This is a serious problem and it is really screwing me over.

Experiment with the "inherit owner" option.


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