R: R: [Samba] Winbind configuration

Petteri Hakkarainen phakkarainen at myrealbox.com
Sun May 6 17:45:36 GMT 2007

>> Lets say there exists a Windows domain environment I would like 
>> to log on to from a Linux workstation using plain Windows domain 
>> accounts (no local account on any Linux workstation). Do I need a 
>> Samba server configured as a domain member _and_ do I have to 
>> configure all the workstations for winbind?

>you need winbind and PAM.
>You need to install winbind (which is a Samba Module) >onto every Linux station, bind them to the domain and >configure PAM modules (I'd configure login ssh and SU)

>Samba is a lot of code. and Winbind is just one out of >three modules. I don't think you need to run smbd or >nmbd

So there is no need for a samba server to be added as a domain member server? Isn't binding a station to a domain and id mapping done by the samba server?


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