[Samba] Automatic configuration of disk quotas with samba

Kevin Zambrano kevinjosue at gmail.com
Sun May 6 01:48:05 GMT 2007

Hi *, currently I'm having problems trying to configure automatically 
the disk quotas for users which access to a server in my work, the stage 
is as following:

A server that owns services like: ssh, ftp, sftp, documents and 
profiles. The one uses winbind to authenticate users against a active 
directory domain controller; that's way we can't use adduser feature to 
configure this quotas.

The currently solution that we have is:

A program that configure quotas using the setquota program...this is 
called from the file /etc/profile, so when users log through SSH, bash 
program calls that file and then our program is executed (this is done 
just the first time user logs).

The problem that we have is:

When the user logs through other service which doesn't use bash and 
login program, like ftp and sftp, the file /etc/profile is not executed 
so our program to set quotas is not executed either.

If somebody knows other way to configure the quotas in a more general 
and best way, or if somebody had treated this problem previously and 
found one solution it would be very helpful.


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