[Samba] strange authentication issue

jawed abbasi jabbasi6 at gmail.com
Sat May 5 15:30:20 GMT 2007

I just joined this list, as I am having really strange issue and so far been
unable to find the root cause.I will give you scenario to see if anyone
knows what could be the cause:

1: 2 windows 64bit enterprise server  serverA and Server B
2: both on same physical network no firwalls not routers
3: both on same domain controller ( windows NT4)

I can connect to serverA as under from a linux host

smbclient  //serverA/d$  -U administrator

but I can't connect to serverB from the same linux host with following
smbclient  //serverA/d$  -U administrator

I get access denied (noAccess) error message.

I can only connect to serverB when I also give workgroup option

smbclient  //serverB/d$  -U administrator -W test

both serverA and serverB are configured identical, infact they were restored
from the same image.
So far I have not been able to find the root cause of this to see why?

serverA  can only authenticate with user and password while
serverB  authentication fails, untill I give it workgroup option also.

any help  or pointers will be much appreciated.


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