[Samba] Possible problem w/ 'idmap restore' under 3.0.25rc3

Don Meyer dlmeyer at uiuc.edu
Fri May 4 19:36:29 GMT 2007


Maybe it's me, or my systems, but I've found that idmap restore 
simply doesn't work under samba-3.0.25rc3.

When I try to import the idmap.dump file I create from one of my 
older systems into a fresh 3.0.25rc3 installation, I get a huge 
stream of errors along the line of "could not set mapping of 
(UID|GID) to sid xxxxx".   This happened whether I was using 
idmap_tdb or idmap_ldap.   The same idmap.dump file restores 
successfully on my other 3.0.23 & 3.0.24 systems.

I went further and used "getent passwd" to populate the system's 
idmap from the AD (while using idmap_tdb, BTW), and then ran the 'net 
idmap dump' command, which generated a file that looked fairly 
identical in structure to the idmap.dump file I got from the previous 
version.   Following this, I tried to 'net idmap restore' the idmap 
dump file I had just created, and received the same long string of 
errors.   Thus, I suspect there is something not quite right in the 
'net idmap restore' functionality...


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