[Samba] Redhat ES3 & 4 findsmb

Valdis Kornouchovs valdisk at optionsystems.com.au
Fri May 4 04:46:16 GMT 2007

In hope and all googled out,
have used the basic samba functions for some time.  Have now installed a few
RH ES3 & 4 machines and in the majority of cases, just have PC's access
directories on the Linux servers and mount points from Linux to PC's.
Have noticed, after the fact, that findsmd only finds itself.
On the same network have two Linux machines
Redhat 7.2 findsmb gets all of the machines 
Redhat ES3 findsmb only returns itself
rpm -q samba returns samba-3.0.10-1.4E.6 
Who what were & why
Will address this first as there are a few issues regarding these OS's and
Regards & TIA

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