[Samba] Joining NT domain

Sam Wun swun2010 at gmail.com
Wed May 2 00:21:16 GMT 2007


I am running samba-3.0.25rc3 in Tru64 5.1B.
I compiled Samba source with --with-winbind switch.
My goal of setting up Samba is to allow existing windows user login
this Tru64 server without further asking password if they have alraedy
logged in windows, yet with additional user control by adding a line
"valid users = ..." in each directory section, that way Samba won't
allow every logged on windows user login, only allow windows users
that listed in the "valid users = ..." line.
Therefore I thought joining Samba to the existing NT domain and also
adding a line of "valid users=..." in smb.conf may be the solution.

However when I tried to connect existing NT domain, I got an error:
# ./net rpc join -S
open_policy failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Note, I didn't compile Ldap and Kerberos into the Samba.

I welcome any idea about to achieve this goal. If joining the existing
NT domain is a must thing to do, then I may be most probably need to
compile Ldap and Kerberos in Samba. If this is the case, do I need to
further configure OpenLdap and Kerberos in Tru64?

If Openldap and Kerberos is not needed, what should I do to join
existing Nt domain?

I m very appreciate for every suggestion.


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