[Samba] Scan shares for music/video files?

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Tue May 1 21:44:26 GMT 2007

I dont know what is the exact purpose of your question but... files can 
get the extensions changed, can be ziped, etc.

I always was a fan of updatedb and locate that is much faster than a 
find, but its a "first index then search tool".
Its another option to find files with patterns in the names or specific 

Theres some scripts on the net that make reports on disk usage, (you can 
make a cron job an receive e-mails about "huge" differences in specific 
paths), its usefull to see that someone uploaded his entire mp3 
collection for the server for example, or tried to zip it and hide in 
some place. And use this to control disk usage.

Another thing that I done too was block some file extensions on the 
clients antivirus, some antivirus for M$ have management components too, 
so every time someone try to play some file a virus warning is displayed 
(I know, its not a proper solution, nor a good message to be displayed) 
and this is logged on the machine that runs the management server to be 
inspected later :)


Edmundo Valle Neto

Rune Tønnesen escreveu:
> Dear Michael
> You can use find it is a good unix tool
> To get a
> list of files in the home dir ending on mp3 use
> find /home -name
> "*.mp3" -print
> To delete files in the home dir ending on mp3
> find /home -name "*.mp3" -delete
> search google for "find
> examples linux" and you will get plenty

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