[Samba] Linux Active Directory Integration Problem

Brijesh Shukla shukla.brijesh at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 10:19:21 GMT 2007

I am getting the problem to access shared folder when I am using Dual boot
operating System.
Let say I have two operating system on the same machine.
1) XP  and the name of the machine in xp environment is "XYZ"
2)Cent OS (Linux) and the name of the machine in Linux environment is "ABC"
 both operating system share the same static IP address.

the problem appear when I have logged in my domain using XP OS and restart
the machine in Linux mode.
In Linux mode I can join the domain using "net ads join -U user%password"
command, it is working fine and
I am getting the message like "Join in Domain" but when I try to access any
share folder my domain controller
is giving the message " You do not have access right to see the content".
  But if I reboot my domain controller and Linux PC I am able to see my
shared content.

Any idea or guess where I am making mistake?????????

Thanks & Regards
Brijesh Shukla

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