[Samba] CIFS ACLs & Linux

Ron Garcia-Vidal ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Thu Mar 29 13:35:08 GMT 2007

I'm having an issue with CIFS ACLs, and I'm not sure if this is the
right place to post, but it's a good place to start. Until now, we've
been all Samba-based for our file services.  I developed a backup system
that uses rsync to back the data up to hard drives on a remotew system.
Thanks to the ACL patch in rsync, everything was preserved and all was

Now, we're rolling in a NetApp filer.  I can't figure out a good way to
back the data up off of that machine while preserving the ACLs.  CIFS
mounting only shows posix-compliant ACLs (Which neither NetApp or
Windows use)

I'm sure this has come up before.  What do people do to back CIFS shares
to Linux systems.  Is it even possible?

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