[Samba] Could not peek rid out of sid

Steve Thompson smt at vgersoft.com
Tue Mar 27 20:36:37 GMT 2007

OK, replying to my own post.

>Could not peek rid out of sid <correct-SID-value> (twice)

It appears that when the domain member server starts, it creates an entry 
in the LDAP database with the following dn:


which has an incorrect sambaSID in it. If I correct the value of SambaSID 
in this entry, everything works. If I delete this entry entirely, and 
restart Samba, the entry comes back with an incorrect SID (it's the value 
of 'getlocalsid' on the DMS).

However, why is the sambaDomainName record being created at all when Samba 
starts on the domain member?

After all, <dms_netbios_name> is not the correct domain name, and "net rpc 
info -S <dms_netbios_name> -U%" does show it as a member of the correct 

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