[Samba] samba on intel nas box and windows share browsing hanging

Gregory Machin gregory.machin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 17:28:05 GMT 2007

I have a intel S400-e nas box, that  runs the Linux / samba, as
supplied with the latest updates form Intel..
When browsing the folders in a share, explorer will hang, sometime
recover other wise some just hang in glorious windows fashion ..

so i ran wire shark to see what the network traffic looked like,
because both the nas box and the windows box logs didn't show any
logical reason for the behavior ...

i have attached a screen capture of the wire shark output.. what is
depicted continues until i kill the running explorer session that was
attempting to browse a folder / share..

Any sugestions as to where the problem may lie ?

many thanks

Gregory Machin
gregory.machin at gmail.com

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