[Samba] Question about AD user/ACL mapping

Knox, Bill wknox at mitre.org
Wed Mar 14 20:43:48 GMT 2007

We have updated our long-standing Samba install on a Solaris 8 box to
3.0.24 and are interested in making use of the Windows ACL mapping
capabilities to help take over a Windows share. However, there is a
snag - the pre-existing box has usernames that differ from people's
Windows logins, i.e. their Unix login is freddy, and their Windows
login is fred_smith.

I have our AD domain membership working on the box and can see the ACLs
work with a dummy account set up to match someone's Windows login (i.e.
if in the above example, I set up a fred_smith account on the Unix
box), but could find no way in the documentation to do a username
mapping (equivalent to what is being done for logins) for the ACLs. Is
it there and I just didn't see it, or does it not exist?

Let me know if any more information about my install/config is required
- thanks!

                  Bill Knox
                  Lead Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
                  The MITRE Corporation

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