[Samba] Network browsing problem and solution.

Jason Whitlark jwhitlark at zentek.com
Mon Mar 12 04:05:15 GMT 2007

On a (vampired) samba NT4 domain, the client workstations could not 
browse the domain, although they could connect directly to open shares.  
The most common reasons for this failure are:

1) guest account is not properly configured
2) interfaces, (in smb.conf) are not properly configured.

To which I would like to add:

3) smb ports option in smb.conf does not include port 139.  Which is 
apparently required by nmdb.

I had removed port 139 while trying to fix a different problem.  Which 
made domain browsing not work.  Which cost me a lot of time to discover 
what was wrong. 

If someone could update the official docs to include this problem, I'm 
sure there are people out there that will be grateful in the future.



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