[Samba] can´t access share by name, but on ip

Martin irezumi at gmx.de
Fri Mar 16 17:50:42 GMT 2007

Yes, that's true.
If your kerberos authentication is broken but your NTLM not, your 
observation is usual.
This is what I've seen once:

Your client requests a ticket for your server.
If your client gets one it tries to authenticate against your server.
That's the failure case.

If your client requests a ticket for e.g. the Kerberos (AD) 
Server responses with an "I've no ticket for this server" response.
Than your client falls back to NTLM.

So in most cases you'll have to look for kerberos problems when you face 
this situation.

~ Martin

Aders andersson wrote:
> yes of course i´v tried that, i can resolve both FQDN throgh DNS and also netbios name if i add a ref in hosts file =)
> After turn on debug level 10 and using nework mointoring .. it seems like the client is trying to use Kerberos to authenticate when i+m trying to access the share with hostname but NTLM when using IP ??? anyone know why i get this behavior ?
>  / Johnny
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