[Samba] samba pdc+ldap authentificating users in another ldap without samba

Francesc frank at si.ct.upc.edu
Tue Mar 6 12:20:50 GMT 2007

Hi everybody,
we have a Samba PDC Server with LDAP working quite well, with no 
relevant problems (OpenLdap with Samba 3 in a RHEL 4 server).

 Now we want to integrate users with another OpenLdap server which has 
personal info only and which is used to validate users in other
kind of services in the campus; the idea is that users validate with the 
info in this external server (user and password) but  being able to use 
our samba LDAP info in our local server.

That is, is it possible to validate users in one server but to use samba 
info of another?

Thanks in advance.

UPC - Terrassa
Barcelona - Spain

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