[Samba] kint error after time change

Campbell, Dave L (N-Computer Sciences) dave.l.campbell at lmco.com
Tue Mar 13 19:44:28 GMT 2007

While doing some security testing on our domain controller (DC), part of
which involved setting the system clock ahead 13 months, samba
authentication stopped working.  Since we have synched the time on all
Windows and Unix systems.  We have removed the unix systems from the DC
in an attempt to re-add them.  We've modified the Kerberos policy on the
DC to allow more time, and even turned it off.  However each time we run
kinit  to get our ticket from the KDC we get the "clock skew too
great...." error.  Not sure if this is a DC issue or unix issue.


Has anyone seen this or know of a Kerberos or samba cached file that
would affect this?





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