[Samba] Move local profile to domain profile.

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Tue Mar 27 10:44:21 GMT 2007

Hi Jonathan,

Just fyi - there is a simpler way, much less error prone...

Jonathan Johnson wrote:
> OK, I haven't done this with ROAMING profiles, but I've done it so many 
> times with locally-stored profiles I think I can do it in my sleep. (The 
> following is not written for the novice user.)
> Consider the following scenario: user Fred Flintstone has a local 
> account FRED on the Windows XP Professional worstation FREDSCOMPUTER. 
> You have already joined FREDSCOMPUTER to the BEDROCK domain, and Fred 
> has been given an account in the BEDROCK domain called  FFLINTSTONE 
> (note, I'm using caps so it's easy to read in my example).
>   1. Log into FREDSCOMPUTER with admin rights, but not as FRED.

2. Right-click on 'My Computer' - click the 'Advanced' Tab.

3. Click the 'Settings' button under 'User Profiles'.

4. Select the profile you want to move, click on 'Copy To'.

5. Click the 'Browse' button, navigate to the profile directory where 
the profile is to be stored.

6. Click the 'Change' button under 'Permitted to use' - assign the 
domain user the rights to this profile.

7. Click 'OK'.

8. Log off the local computer.

9. Done.

Assuming the domain user is already defined as a roaming profile, and 
the directory where you just copied the profile is the correct 
directory, then the next time FFLINTSTONE logs in, he will automatically 
use the new profile.

Caveat: If the profile will only be a local profile, then you will need 
to log in once as FFLINTSTONE first, to create the profile directory 
that the old profile will be copied to. You can create it manually, but 
to make sure the perms get set correctly, it is best to let the system 
do it for you.


Best regards,


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