[Samba] What triggers a make_user_info_map

Ulf Norén Ulf.Noren at miun.se
Tue Mar 27 07:10:49 GMT 2007

We have a quite large samba installation/domain spanning 4 campuses with a 
DC/LDAP on every campus.

On one campus, one big computer-lab behaves a bit strange. All the computers 
connects to the DC every 2-3 minutes or so and triggers a make_user_info_map
mapping 100-300 or so  username's to RID's.
This places high load on the LDAP-server.

It doesn't matter if anyone is logged on. They do this around the clock!

The lab is reinstalled and is not configured any differently than all the 

I can't find any reason for this behavior. 

Anyone out there got a clue?


Ulf Norén
IT-avd, Mittuniversitetet

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