[Samba] upgrade 3.0.22 3.0.24 winbind problem - no reply received to cldap netlogon

Jon Bendtsen gmane at jbit.dk
Mon Mar 26 12:37:56 GMT 2007


After trying a upgrade from 3.0.22 to 3.0.24 winbind stopped working.
This was quite serious for us since we use windows domain accounts to
login into all kind of services on linux.

I saw error messages like:
	no reply received to cldap netlogon
in the /var/log/samba/log.winbindd and log.wb-$DOMAIN
This is kind of strange, because i dont remember having told it to
use LDAP.

But shortly after giving up trying to find a solution i changed back
to 3.0.22, and then winbindd started working again.

I did not change any parameters in the smb.conf file, and reading the
man pages and release notes has not given me a clear indication that i
have to change anything.

I chose 3.0.24 over 3.0.23 because .24 appears to be .23 with 3 
security fixes.

there is a firewall between the linux server and the domain 
controller, but since it does work with 3.0.22, i can not see
why it should also not work with 3.0.24

Anyway, since winbind is somewhat unstable in 3.0.22, i wanted to
upgrade to make it more stable, so i would like some help getting
3.0.24 to work.


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