[Samba] How to access a samba share that has softlink within?

sato x garasi9 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 06:31:18 GMT 2007

Hi guys... :)

I have a file server - FILE-SERV1 - that utilizes two seperated
harddisk/partition as a single share, [BIGSHARE]. This share has a path
       path = /first_partition

Let's say, in the first partition I have directory, named  dirA, and in the
second partition I have another directory, named dirB. I've softlink-ed dirB
into dirA with
    ln -s /second_partition/dirB /first_partition/dirB

so if windows users open the share via windows explorer, they will see both
dirA and dirB within the BIGSHARE share. It works as if the dirB directory
located in /first_partition, then users can access the files in there. It
works in windows.

The problem is, when I try to access BIGSHARE from FILE-SERV2 (another linux
file server), FILE-SERV2 detect dirB as a link file, and not as a directory,
so I cannot access dirB. Anybody has a clue how to fix this? Any help would
be appreciated.



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