[Samba] Roaming Profiles Problem

Robert Steinmetz rob at steinmetznet.com
Sun Mar 25 16:29:21 GMT 2007

I am moving our Samba Server from Solaris to Linux on a new server. I 
have the users moved the users home directories moved and showing up 
correctly on the workstations. The Profiles are in the Users home directory.

Users profiles seem to be saving correctly and being read, however no 
changes can be made to them.

The new server are  Ubuntu AMD64 Linux with Samba 3.0.22 One of these is 
the PDC. The legacy Servers are Solaris 8 running Samba 3.0.24. We are 
using winbindd and local tdb files on the PDC for authentication. We 
plan to migrate to LDAP latter. I have used SWAT to configure each server.

        logon path = \\PDC\%U\profile
        logon drive = U:
        logon home = \\PDC\%U

        comment = Windows Roaming Profiles
        path = /home/%U/profile
        read only = No
        create mask = 0664
        force create mode = 0775
        directory mask = 0775
        force directory mode = 0774
        store dos attributes = Yes
        browseable = No
        path = /home/%U
        read only = No
        store dos attributes = Yes

*Robert Steinmetz, AIA*
*Steinmetz & Associates*

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