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Paul Matthews paul.matthews at opensourcehowto.org
Sat Mar 24 22:08:05 GMT 2007

I have a how-to on my website [url]http://www.opensourcehowto.org[/url]
for setting up samba as a primary domain controller (PDC) maybe your
answer will be there

OpenLDAP LAM Samba as PDC

and if you feeling a little bit more adventurous later on you could try
getting into the policies with samba

Samba Primary Domain Controller with Group Policies

>> Of course you don't need that to join the machine into the domain (you
>> just
>> need root and its smbpassword). But last year when I started creating a
>> PDC
>> (samba-3.0.20b-3.3) with LDAP backend (of course it has nothing to do
>> with
>> LDAP), I found out that I could not login into the computer (the
>> domain).
>> But after I'd configure that Domain member matters, I could. It was even
>> stated in samba.org tutorial, if I'm not mistaken, but they prefer
>> changing
>> the registry.
> If you had to change that registry setting with version 3 of Samba, then
> you had something else wrong in your setup (probabloy ldap related)
> causing that problem. According to Andrew Bartlett, this has never been
> required for any released version of Samba3.
> In fact, apparently this is a major security risk to your network to
> disable this setting:
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2005-November/113748.html
> This workaround hasn't been needed for a long time, although I don't
> recall the specific version that fixed the need for it.
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> Charles
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