[Samba] Domain Member Server Problem

Robert Steinmetz rob at steinmetznet.com
Fri Mar 23 17:38:40 GMT 2007

We have a Windows Domain NT. We are setting up four samba Servers, two 
new and 2 legacy servers.

The new server are  Ubuntu AMD64 Linux with Samba 3.0.22 One of these is 
the PDC. The legacy Servers are Solaris 8 running Samba 3.0.24. We are 
using winbindd and local tdb files on the PDC for authentication. We 
plan to migrate to LDAP latter. I have used SWAT to configure each server.

I have the PDC up and running, apparently working fine but each of the 
member servers is behaving differently and a little oddly.

I have a couple of simple questions first;

    1) Should winbindd be running on the PDC?

    2) Should the member server have "Domain Login" set to "no"?

    3) Is there an easy way for SWAT to show the Server name at the top 
of each page? I sometimes get confused.

My current problem server the second Linux Member Server.

    1) It is currently not showing up in client browse lists and asking 
for a username and password and rejecting all of them.

    2) "wdinfo -u" returns a list of Domain Users, "wdinfo -t" succeeds 
but "wdinfo -g" fails. "getent passwd" and "getent group" return lists 
of local groups and passwords on the Member Server. "enumerate users" 
and "enumerate groups" are set to yes on the PCD and the Server.

I have refrained form posting my smb.conf files in hopes the answer is 
obvious, it usually is. If not I'll post any requested information.
*Robert Steinmetz, AIA*
*Steinmetz & Associates*

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