[Samba] Updating System Policy Templates

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Mar 22 23:06:41 GMT 2007

Hi Mike,

Mike Petersen schrieb:
> On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 16:58 +0100, Robert Schetterer wrote:
>> HI Mike,
>> creating policies is always welcome,
>> i dont tried vista adms for now,
>> cause i dont think most of my customers will switch to it,
>> the plan is to get totally out of m$.
> I am in the same boat on a few networks that I maintain.  Most people
> are sick of Microsoft Products.  If you are interested in testing SLED10
> on your network(s), I have created quite a few RPMs for SLED10 that
> fills the gaps of what Novell doesn't provide.  Most of the people that
> I introduced it to really like it and SLED10 is probably the most
> network friendly OS out there today (politics aside).
> You can get my custom RPMs from:
> http://www.pcc-services.com/sled10_rpms.html

sled is good , but no need to make marketing for them , samba works
on other nixes very fine too, and each one has plus and minus points
one minus of novell is now that they contracted somehow with m$ wihtout
need.But this is my personal political meaning
i run suse on my most systems and i will as long as they get not near to
m$ , but i will stop this if i get the feeling they sold their soul to
the devil *g

>> I am nearly sure that adms will work for vista too, cause i dont read
>> something that vista isnt any longer compatible to nt 4 pdcs ( but i may
>> fail here )
> Hopefully I will get more info from the samba list on this.  I
> especially want info on if people are going to use Vista at all.  I
> don't want to spend the time on Vista if no one is going to deploy it
> anyway (I personally won't touch it for any of my networks).

i am having this partner pack from m$ its very cheap to it includes
and holds all of their products and a number of licenses,
so this is fine for testing stuff, vista runs fine in vmware which you
could download for free.
I personally will not test vista against samba deeply unless i get paid for
Its an unwritten law m$ products should not be used on production
nets before they go to stage service pack 1 with one exception if you
really need to some new invention included in one product.
But for vista i dont  this.
For now it would high the total costs by my customers, by bying new
hardware, software upgrades and much trouble with dirvers and applications.

>> Be sure that you dont make work which is allready done
>> by others, there are few sources of adms on the web.
> About 2 years ago I sat down and created a comprehensive custom.adm file
> that implemented just about any policy anyone wanted for Window XP
> machines.  Ever since then I apparently became the defacto person on
> asking system policy questions (get about 2-3 emails a week).  As far as
> I know no one has spent the time to create IE7 policies or Vista
> policies yet.  I am going to have time on my hands this summer and I
> personally will need IE7 policies on my networks, so I am asking a few
> questions on whether or not I need to add any additional policies to my
> policy template while I am at it.
> Thanks for the reply, and if you are in need of any weird or interesting
> policies for your network, now is the time to ask.

i would be very lucky to have adms for ie7 and vista

here is a german website which do much of adm stuff, perhaps you should
get in contact with them


as i see no vista adms

but for all other oses of m$

and ie7

see here



has also adms

as i just read adms go to a new format called ADMX in vista,

so it seems this format ist better then the old but not compatible with adm

(give it a try in english too)

but here they wrote adms will still work on vista if they dont conflict
with default admx policies, so i have no idea for now how to implement
this with a current samba pdc, this question should go to samba gurus
perhaps there is a way to implement policies like active dir does with
the recent samba ( but i havent read this )
but i think it must be included in upcoming samba 4 as it should work as
active dir contoller



Sie können ADM-Dateien weiterhin mit der Option Vorlagen
hinzufügen/entfernen hinzufügen oder entfernen. Für das Hinzufügen oder
Entfernen von ADMX-Dateien gibt es unter Windows Vista keine
Schnittstelle. Um ADMX-Dateien hinzuzufügen, kopieren Sie diese einfach
in den Ordner %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions\ und starten Sie den
Gruppenrichtlinienobjekteditor neu.

Gruppenrichtlinieneinstellungen aus ADMX-Dateien werden unter dem Knoten
Administrative Vorlagen angezeigt. Einstellungen aus alten ADM-Dateien
werden unter Klassische Administrative Vorlagen (ADM) angezeigt.

Der Gruppenrichtlinienobjekteditor erkennt ADM-Dateien, wenn diese in
Ihrer Umgebung vorhanden sind. ADM-Dateien, die durch ADMX-Dateien
ersetzt wurden, werden jedoch ignoriert (diese sind System.adm,
Inetres.adm, Conf.adm, Wmplayer.adm und Wuau.adm).


so good Luck
> Mike Petersen
> mgpeter at pcc-services.com

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Best Regards

Robert Schetterer


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