[Samba] error while migrating users to ldap with pdbedit

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Wed Mar 21 14:45:59 GMT 2007

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On 03/21/2007 08:56 AM, Markus Krause wrote:
> hi list,
> we want to migrate all our users from smbpasswd into ldap, 
> but first test it so the current samba server in production
> should not be changed. to achieve this i created a smb.conf
> file with the following content:

	Are you using the same machine? Or you are doing the
tests on a new machine?

> --- [smb.conf]
> ---[end of smb.conf]

	Did you register the LDAP password using 'smbpasswd -w'?

> but executing pdbedit results in an error because pdbedit tries to
> connect the ldap server "localhost":
> ---
> ------
> where do i set the name of the ldapserver? i also tried
>   passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://
> and
>   ldap server = ldapserv.biochem.mpg.de
> but without change! the ldapserver can be reached by both "ping" and
> "ldapsearch" via the console (but as pdbedit does not seem to try to
> connect to it this does not matter now).

	I would say that it could be the password problem, but
could also be some configuration related to the LDAP parameters
and ACLs.

> any hints are appreciated!
> thanks in advance!
>   markus

	Hope this helps, kind regards.

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