[Samba] Active directory, winbind, and distribution groups (as opposed to security groups)

Vincent Deffontaines vincent.deffontaines at inl.fr
Wed Mar 21 12:41:43 GMT 2007


This is about a samba installation plugged on Active directory.

I would like to bounce on :

I understand distribution groups are not "real" groups, as Unix people 
mean them. Distribution groups are, by design, only related to mailing 
lists, or so.

My question is pretty simple :
Is there a way to list the security groups of a domain?

"getent group" as well as "wbinfo -g" list both security and 
distribution groups.

Either a command line switch on wbinfo, or a smb.conf parameter would be 
good, in order to list only security groups.

Since I have not found this in the docs, does this exist? Does this 
question make sense?



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