[Samba] Can't change password change dates with PDBEDIT

Boaz Bezborodko boaz at mirrotek.com
Mon Mar 19 20:44:15 GMT 2007

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel wrote:

> Hi Boaz,

Thanks for the reply, Felipe.

> 	I'm using LDAP as a backend so YMMV.

I've been thinking about using LDAP, but I don't have a very large
installation (maybe 15 computers) so I wanted to avoid getting overly
complicated.  But it seems that tdbSAM is not much better as it is very
difficult to get good information on how to get things done.


> On 03/16/2007 12:10 PM, Boaz Bezborodko wrote:
>> I'm setting up a Samba server using CentOS 4's (RedHat 
>> Enterprise Linux) standard version (v.3.0101411).  I
> 	Hmmm, you should upgrade your samba version. Not sure
> if it will solve your problem, but I'm using 3.0.24 and the
> information of this message is based on this version. Anyway,
> 3.0.14 and 3.0.2x has lots of improvements and fixes that are
> worthwhile.

I was sticking with the official RedHat release if only because previous
advice was that I should probably stick with it unless I specifically
needed new features as it was likely the most stable version with this OS.

I did not anticipate that what seem like basic operations would be so
difficult to apply.  Is this a version thing?  I would think that
adjusting dates in a database would be an easy thing to do.

>> want to be able to force users to change their password
>> upon first logging in and to have to change them after
>> a certain period of time (per user, not system-wide).
>> The problem is that the pdbedit commands don't seem to 
>> be registering at all in the database.  If I enter the
>> following command:
>> pdbedit --pwd-must-change-time="2010-01-01" --time-format="%Y-%m-%d"
> 	Not sure if it is a bug in pdbedit, but there is an
> unusual behaviour of samba with regards to passwd fields,
> here is a message where I explain the behaviour:
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2007-February/129890.html

I'll try this out.

Thanks for the assistance.


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