[Samba] Active Directory integration without NSS support

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Mar 19 11:45:55 GMT 2007

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P. L. wrote:
> Yes.  I have MIT Kerberos installed and working on my
> embedded Linux system.  kinit is running fine and I
> can join an AD domain.
> If I manually create the Unix and Samba user (matching
> the AD users and passwords) on my embedded Linux Samba
> server, my Windows AD member servers then can access
> the Samba shares with SSO, otherwise the shares are
> not accessible.
> Based on my limited knowledge on Samba, I thought
> Winbind is supposed to automatically create the Unix
> user and Samba user.  Since my Linux system doesn't
> support NSS, my guess is that Winbind may not be able
> to do its job, so I would like some help on getting
> winbind to work without NSS.

Winbindd does assume the existences of NSS and relies upon
it.  If you want to work around this try modifying
sys_getpwnam() to implement a NSS like look order in

cheers, jerry
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