[Samba] Strange lock problem + sporadic massive slowdown

Michael Rignaz uluquai at inode.at
Fri Mar 16 13:54:53 GMT 2007

Jeremy Allison schrieb:
> On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 03:27:16PM +0100, Michael Rignaz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks for reading, would be great if you could help me out with two 
>> strange reoccuring problems.
>> Problem 1:
>> Currently we are running an IBM 206m with Debian Etch and Samba 3.0.24.
>> We have about 25 Clients which are running Windows XP SP2 or 2000 SP4.
>> 3 of those Clients (XP) open and close ~15 excel sheets (size between 
>> 100kb and 1MB) approximately every 5 Minutes or so.
>> 5-6 times a day it happens to them, that " 'everything' hangs" -as they 
>> tell me- for about 20seconds. They are using Windows Explorer for 
>> opening different smb shares, browsing and selecting excel files. When 
>> this happens, explorer and/or excel freeze for this amount of time. It 
>> doesn't seem as the cause being some  kind of networking problem. They 
>> are connected with gigabit ethernet (no rx/tx errors) and when this 
>> happens, while the problem persists, the network throughput from the 
>> affected clients to the server is excellent.
>> At those times the machine is ~98%idle. Could more Ram on the server 
>> help? We have 1 GB Ram and when all users are connected and acting, only 
>> about 14MB of free physical memory is left.Though that's really little, 
>> I didn't buy more memory yet, 'cause paged memory size is always near zero.
>> Could more ram and raising the values of SO_RCVBUF and SO_SNDBUF help? 
>> What would you suggest? Thanks!
>> Our options in the smb.conf are as follows:
>> SO_SNDBUF=10240
>> domain logons = yes
>> preferred master = auto
>> utmp = Yes
>> map acl inherit = No
>> hide files = /.*/desktop.ini/
>> oplocks = False
>> level2 oplocks = False
>> log level=1
>> wins support = yes
>> reset on zero vc = yes
>> Problem 2:
>> Once in a week or two we experience the exact behavior as mentioned here 
>> : http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2006-August/123652.html, which 
>> was fixed in 23a already?
>> Files (in our case word docs) suddenly (often after a crash) are locked 
>> by the user who is actually trying to re-open the file (statically 
>> assigned ip address via bootp).
>> When I kill the user's process the lock is still active and stays while 
>> I can mv around the file as I want to. Only restarting the whole samba 
>> daemon fixes that.
>> This happend with several version 23 and now with 24 too. Anyone has a 
>> clue? :)
> Do a testparm -s -v - is printing set to "cups" ?
> If so try setting it to "bsd". I've seen this be the
> cause of the problem on smbd startup.
> Jeremy.
Thnx a lot Jeremy, since I changed to bsd, the phenomenon didn't occur 
again :)

But what about this strange file locking issue?
Is this "bug" known?
Is there anything I can do to help finding the 'cause of it, or is there 
a version of samba where this doesn't happen from time to time?
You told "Logan" here 
http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2006-August/123653.html, that you 
added cleanup code that should fix the issue in 23a, but I'm 
experiencing the exact same issue with 24 and 23c/b before. This happens 
once in two weeks, might be something hard to track down.

Anyway, since this performance problem vanished, most users are happy, 
thnx for everything!

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