[Samba] Inconsistent mapping issues

Vince O'Connor voconnor at steamboatsprings.net
Thu Mar 15 16:19:21 GMT 2007

My main file server is FC3 w/ samba running that lots of users have been mapping to for years without any problem.

Just in the last week, this little problem popped up. The mappings from the client side computers (win2k pro sp4) are still there and work, but M$ Office (2k) doesn't want to save anything to the mapped drives over to the server on the first try.

User makes document, tries to save it to drive x, gets the notice that the drive is not available, saves again and all is well.

Now under My Computer, the mappings show up but most w/ a red x. They are there and you can follow them even w/ the red x.

Any ideas?


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