[Samba] Samba kerberos more time sensitive that Windows?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Mar 15 16:07:04 GMT 2007

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Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Do you mean the CLOCK_SKEW returned in the SessionsetupX 
> call ? If so I'm testing a patch that will allow smbd
> to return the same error....

I'd have to go back and check traces again.  It's been a while
since I looked at it.  Is you patch assuming then that the
Samba server has correct time and the client does not?
I think the original problem was that the Samba server's clock
was off.

Windows servers sync their clocks with the DC automatically.
So I'm not sure you want Samba telling the Windows client to
reset its clock by 5 hours.

Maybe smbd should just implement ntpd :-)  Or maybe we should
just document that admins needs to have a working ntpd installation.
Just food for thought.  This is pretty similar to my discussion
with Volker on samba-technical about the fine line between
Samba and the OS.

cheers, jerry
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