[Samba] Samba 3.0.x, GPFS and NFSv4, ACLs and so on... ???

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Thu Mar 15 11:23:56 GMT 2007

hi list,

we have plans to implement GPFS in our heterogeneous environment (win,
linux and mac clients; many linux servers) to scale better in file
serving and improve availability.

are there any recommendations regarding samba and GPFS and samba
co-existing with NFSv4 (ACLs!) on GPFS on the same machine?
or is this too experimental and we should either use samba or nfs in the

i´ve read in the release notes of samba 3.0.25.pre1:

"Support for Additional ACL Modules

Samba's POSIX ACL support has been moved inside of the VFS layer
which means it is now possible to support multiple ACL implementations
on the same server including NFSv3 and GPFS ACLs."

would you advise against the usage of NSFv4 and samba running on the
same GPFS cluster node? since we´re running older versions of samba
(original SLES10/ RHEL4 packages) the code could be not "developed"
enough in this manner...

besides this, are there any white papers, tuning options or
recommendations running samba on top of GPFS?

thx so much!

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