[Samba] Groups unknown (but users ok) on members of Samba domain

Bert Burgemeister samba1.20.trebb at spamgourmet.com
Thu Mar 15 10:57:40 GMT 2007

Originally, I set up a PDC with Debian and Samba 3.0.14a. Users and 
groups (both unix and Samba) are in Openldap.

There are a couple of Samba domain members which get users and groups 
via winbind from my PDC. In order to have consistent user/group ids an 
Ldap Idmap is used by all Samba computers but nothing else comes from 
Ldap directly to any domain member.

Everything worked fine with only a few minor hitches.

wbinfo -u showed users, wbinfo -g showed groups on any domain member.

Now, after upgrading the domain members to Samba 3.0.24 things are still 
ok but when I upgrade to Samba 3.0.24 on the PDC none of the domain 
members (neither Samba nor Windows) is able to list any groups.

wbinfo -g  says "Error looking up domain groups".
wbinfo -u still shows users.

After downgrading Samba on the PDC back to 3.0.14a the problem goes away.

Thanks for any help


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