[Samba] roaming profile not uploaded correctly when logging outfor the first time

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Wed Mar 14 23:57:37 GMT 2007

No. XP is closing your mapped drives, not your profile share. That's 
something that Windows knows about, just like it knows which server to 
validate your password against.

I doubt that the server speed is an issue either. However, I am 
concerned about you running the "bleeding edge" version of Samba. I 
doubt that it came with your distribution. Do you really need 3.0.24? 
Was there some feature that wasn't in your distro's version?

As a rule of thumb, I follow "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". My 
server ran quite happily on an antique 3.0.14 version until I wanted to 
try a newer version of CUPS and ended up upgrading to a more recent 
version of my distro. Now I'm running some 3.0.23 variant. My CUPS 
problem is fixed so I'm happy but I can't tell the difference in my 
server operation other than that.

Dennis McLeod wrote:
> I *THINK* it has to do with the logoff process. I'm on XP.
> I have been experiencing on this today, in fact. 
> Most of my profile copied to the server, but it would ultimately pop up an
> error.
> When you watch XP log off, the first thing it displays is "closing network
> connections", then "saving settings"...
> If the Saving Settings part is saving my profile, and XP has just
> disconnected my network connections, how can it then succeed?
> I suspect in my case it starts the save before the connections are closed,
> but doesn't finish in time. Hence the message.
> (This may explain why the log level settings affect it, though...)
> Anyway, I hope this helps somehow.
> I was actually trying to turn OFF roaming profiles, but my test machine kept
> saving them anyway.
> Found the GPEDIT.MSC setting to fix it, so I never really explored the
> actual cause of the profile error.
> Dennis
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> Tomasz Chmielewski schrieb:
>> Jason Baker schrieb:
>> When logging out, an error window shows up, and in Samba [profile] dir 
>> for the user, in SendTo, are some random temporary files (names like 
>> prf7EE.tmp, prf7EF.tmp etc.).
>> This is extremely hard to debug - why this happens only for files in 
>> "C:\Documens and Settings\username\SendTo"?
> Another thing that makes debugging so hard is that the issue happens when I
> have "log level" lower than 9, but not anymore when I increase it to 10.
> Samba 3.0.24 is running on a rather slow machine: 266 MHz ARM with 64 MB RAM
> (Debian Etch). Setting "log level" to 10 makes the logout process noticeably
> slower (does making Samba slower works around the problem?), and I doubt
> it's a proper solution to Samba problems.
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