Re: [Samba] can´t access share by name, but on ip

Lutieri G. lutierigbtrabalho at
Tue Mar 13 15:32:06 GMT 2007

2007/3/13, Aders andersson <cpsamba at>:
> Hi All !
> i´m running Clearcase (IBM Rational) and have some strange problems ... when i use Samba ver 3.21b i can´t access the samba share by name (\\servername\sambashare) but i can access it on ip (\\\sambashare\) i´m running debug level 10 and it seems like it can´t authenticate when access on netbios/dns/host name but on ip it can ? when running samba ver 3.23b from it works fine to access share from windows but unfortantly Clearcase doesn´t support this version.. (something with their filesystem) any suggestions ? i dont thin it it s a dns/host/netbios problem !
> sincerly
>  Johnny

I've this problema too. I can't find a solution. For now i'm using via
IP. Sometimes works accessing via hostname.

If somoene hava a suggestion.
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