[Samba] Fatal Samba bug? Why can't anyone answer this question?

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Tue Mar 13 05:38:04 GMT 2007

> All four machines are at verious times both servers and clients, as 
> they are all equivalent. I just want to be able to mount drives from 
> any machine on any other. But two of the four refuse to accept remote 
> mounts as servers, but they all can access a remote mount as a client. 
> That is why I am so puzzled. The conf file I posted is from one of the 
> working (as a server) machines, but the exact same file on one of the 
> other machines doesn't work. That is what is so confusing.
In this case, would there be any problems with standardizing the
configuration between all the machines? In your first email you
mentioned two older debian boxes, have they been updated to v3.x of
samba? Personally I would be tempted to make one clean, efficient config
file and use that as a base modifying just share definitions, tweaks,
etc for each machine.

> One of the non-working machines is a kubuntu oct 2006 version with the 
> straight conf file resulting from turning on samba shares in the gui, 
> and it doesn't work.
I tend to shy away from the GUI tools, they have a bit of a history of
making a mess of things.

We get a few users a week coming into the irc channel with "msdfs proxy
= no" in their config files, this is inserted by (I believe) the KDE
configuration tool and infact means "this share is a dfs proxy pointed
to the share called 'no'." Since the share 'no' doesn't exist the config
doesn't work. This is just the one example that springs to mind, there
are others.

If they were my machines I would trim my config down to the absolute
minimum required for samba to start, add options one at a time until it
was doing what I wanted, then copy that config to all the machines. I
would also switch to security=user rather than security=share but maybe
thats just me.

If you need help getting the config how you want it send it through or
come chat to us in #samba on irc.freenode.org

Also depending on how these machines are used as well as standardizing
the config you might think about setting up an ldap backend, you could
share users and passwords between samba and *nix on all systems.

-- Michael Heydon

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