[Samba] Is anything special needed for connecting two linux computers?

Tomáš Hnyk tomashnyk at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 18:09:57 GMT 2007

so I figured out what the problem was in. I am connected to a NAT router  
(a very cheap embedded device with no linux support whatsoever, so it is  
almost unconfigurable) through an another embeded wifi AP that is in a  
bridge mode and cannot be accesed from the network (i.e. it is not  
assigned and IP address and so on). This device runs linux so it can be  
configured, which is where my hope is (I hope I can setup some kind of  
routing instead of bridging in there that will solve the problem). For  
when I tried to connect my laptop directly to the NAT router with a cable,  
it suddenly started to work. So the problem somehow lies in the bridge,  
but I have no idea how it can be related to it, I thought the  
communication was as if the bridge (the AP) were not there.
Tomas Hnyk
On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 13:54:26 +0100, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel  
<felipe at paranacidade.org.br> wrote:

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> On 03/11/2007 04:19 PM, Tomáš Hnyk wrote:
>> Oops, yeah, I know about that, I did not realize this
>> difference in smb.conf. Sorry for the misinformation.
>> The files are actually as follows (so they have unique
>> names):
> 	Have you tried to use smbclient?
> 	And what about LinNeighborhood?
> 	Using 'security = share' should be quite simples, once you
> have the shares, you only need access them. Have you checked the
> Samba 3 By Example, the first scenario is quite simples to implement
> and use.
> 	Kind regards,
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