[Samba] samba problems. accounts expire after a hour, but work after reset

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Mon Mar 12 17:00:36 GMT 2007

Collen Blijenberg escreveu:
> Hi Edmundo, the main problem we have here, is that all out of the 
> blue, the samba PDC and BDC
> are giving error's.
> things like that.
> but the funny part is, there is no reason for the servers to do that, 
> they run for a few hours (sometimes a day)
> and then start spitting out these error's.
> after resetting the PDC, all turns back to normal. and those error's 
> go away, and samba function as it should be.
> but then after a while, it's back to the error's again.
> we do use however the pdb-sql backend for storing the usernames and 
> all...
> in that period, of error's the sql get queried. so the backend does work.
> and i can't find anny error's generated from the sql backend. also the 
> sql server is accessible in those error times.
> (we use it for nss-mysql aswell)

The only similar problem that happened to me once was a problem with an 
unconfigured network (that was deactivated) in the dhcp server that was 
running in the same samba server, and I dont remember why it happened.

You said "resetting", restarting samba doesn't make it work? Have you 
sure that the problem is in samba?

> so either the migration part went wrong (the sid <> uid part +1000), 
> or samba has a serious bug in the passwd plugin backend ??
> the winbindd part are for some other servers in the domain.

Where is your winbindd daemon running? In that same server?
Just a guess, are you using nscd?

> our domain is only accessible for domain accounts, so no guests or 
> other accounts here. also all machines have registered to the domain
> no anonymously accounts and all.
> it's really driving me crazy this bug. 
> cheers
> Collen


Edmundo Valle Neto

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