[Samba] Windows won't recognize hostname of server

Don.Walters at FalconJet.com Don.Walters at FalconJet.com
Fri Mar 9 19:28:22 GMT 2007

> Surely this is a typo?? Core ONE?? No offense, but I seriously doubt
> that anyone will try very hard to help you with something so
> Upgrade to core 6 and then repost your question...

So you're saying the operating system could be the cause of my problem?

I'm not sure this will be possible.  Doing so would be a big undertaking
because this is a production computer where a large user community is
accessing various services it (web, FTP, etc).  To upgrade the OS would
require moving all those services to another machine while the upgrade
is performed and honestly I don't have that luxury right now.  I just
need to overcome this problem so I can move on to other matters.

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