[Samba] sam logon ACCESS DENIED

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Fri Mar 9 12:30:06 GMT 2007

Hello list!

I've the following situation:
several samba 3.0.20b servers acting as print servers and
two Windows2003 servers in the same subnet serving the
same AD domain.

Users, who are members of the domain are correctly authenticated.
Users, who are not domain members receive an "access denied" and a name 
and password prompt.

The logfile says:

000018 net_io_r_sam_logon
     0034 status      : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
winbindd_pam_auth: sam_logon returned ACCESS_DENIED.  Maybe the trust 
account password was changed and we didn't know it. Killing connections 
to domain XP-TEST

It seems, that this problem only occurs with one of the two domain 
controlers. The other one returns a NO_SUCH_USER response, which is ok.
Both DCs seem to sync correctly. And the trust account password haven't 
been changed.

Has anyone an idea, what the reason could be?
I've allready tryied "client schannel = no" with no effect.



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