[Samba] recommended filesystems with NT/Posix ACL's ?

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Fri Mar 9 12:26:47 GMT 2007

Hi all
> - EXT2/3  have a maximum of 32 entries with only 28 usable.
> - ReiserFS3/4 and JFS have a maximum of 8191 entries with 8187 usable.
> - XFS have a maximum of 25 entries with only 21 usable.
>  This mean that with XFS you have the 4 regular entries (owner, group, 
> other and the mask) plus a possibility to add 21 users or groups for 
> the permission. I have use EXT3 with the ACL(EA) and I have no problem 
> at all. If in your business you use MSOffice, add five more entries in 
> your planification.
I wasn't aware of this limitation... I've just checked it on my sles9 
box, and you're right...! Adding more than the mamixum number of entries 
gives this "very informative" error message:
host:~ # setfacl -m u:a_user:r a_file
setfacl: test: Invalid argument
host:~ #

Anyway, when using groups properly you really shouldn't hit that maximum 
very easily I guess...

Mourik Jan

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